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After 43 years with NTI – Owen Driscoll bids farewell

Over the past four decades, change has been constant in heavy motor insurance. One person who has not only witnessed it all, but been a key driver of change, has been NTI’s National Manager of Industry and Government Relations, Mr Owen Driscoll.

Now, after a successful 43-years with NTI, Mr Driscoll has bid farewell.

Since joining NTI (formerly R&G Insurance Consultants) in 1974, Mr Driscoll held many key roles, including acting CEO. He oversaw the London delegation and appointment of the company as Lloyds Brokers representatives in Australia and launched branch offices in Newcastle, Melbourne, Parramatta and Perth.

Mr Driscoll established NTI’s Roadteam network and founded the National Truck Accident Research Centre in 2002. Being a contributor to driving this change is one of the things Mr Driscoll is most proud of.

“The research centre was an evolution of a feeling that we were underutilising the accident information and the corresponding statistics available to us,” said Mr Driscoll.

 “Ultimately we realised that you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know where it starts.”

Mr Driscoll has represented NTI on numerous boards and industry bodies, and his commitment to road safety has been a growing force throughout his career.

His lengthy career is also endorsed by numerous accolades, including the Don Watson Memorial Award in 2006 for outstanding commitment to road safety and the road transport industry, as well as recognition in 2015 by the Australian Road Transport Hall of Fame as an industry icon for commitment to road safety through road accident research.

Upon leaving NTI, Mr Driscoll says he’s appreciative of the many who have influenced his contribution, but there is one person he’s most indebted to.

“All pale into insignificance when it comes to my wife and best friend, Kate,” said Mr Driscoll.

 “Not unlike a truck driver, I was often away from home frequently and Kate has always been my cornerstone along with our four beautiful daughters.”

NTI’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tony Clark, the Executive Team and staff of NTI hosted a morning tea to thank Mr Driscoll and wish him all the best for his well-earned retirement.