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Daryl Dickenson Transport

Daryl Dickenson Transport Powered by National Transport Insurance for 15 years

When Daryl met Tracie in 1990, he knew by the third date this was the woman for him…she was fearless, beautiful, smart and sassy. At the time, he was an owner operator of a single truck and spent day after day on the road travelling the country for work.

Tracie also knew she had found her life partner and determined to make the relationship work- she decided to jump into the passenger seat and together the two travelled for 14 months before Tracie stopped to give birth to the couple’s first child.

A few years later, an opportunity presented itself for Daryl to take on an Operations Manager role at a local transport business – he excelled and when the owner decided to let the work go – Daryl jumped at the chance to take it over with Tracie by his side all the way.

And so the Daryl Dickenson Transport company was born. 

No different to the many other family owned and run transport businesses around Australia, it began with a single truck and a small team, and now in present day 2019, Daryl Dickenson Transport operates a 32 strong fleet with approximately 45 employees.


Daryl & Tracie Dickenson with Daryl Dickenson Transport Staff 

A feat that has been achieved thanks to the hard work and dedication of Daryl and Tracie.  
“That time on the road with Daryl really shaped not only our relationship but also the key values of the business we formed and still run today.”

“It opened my eyes to what life on the road is like for these drivers, how isolating it can be, how dangerous it can be and the conditions they are forced to endure.”

“And I believe it is a big part of the reason we have been so successful, we both have a very clear understanding of the work we do and what is involved in the day to day.”

In the beginning, the Queensland based business experienced unprecedented growth, catching both Daryl and Tracie by surprise. 

“The growth in the first few years was enormous, and there came a point where we realised we had exceeded a capacity we were comfortable with and so we sat down and assessed what was important to us.” 

“At the end of the day, our biggest responsibility is our staff, we have a responsibility to them and to their families to get them home safely and assist them in having a healthy work life balance, and so we are constantly evolving our business model to ensure we are operating best practice at all times.”

As the business grew, Tracie quickly recognised the importance of surrounding herself with knowledgeable people that could share their expertise and assist her in the decision making process.
“Our livelihood is built on our relationships, our relationships with all of our fantastic staff, suppliers and clients. When there is mutual respect and trust, doing business becomes a whole lot easier,” Tracie said.
As the Dickenson’s expanded their fleet they took the word of their valued Broker who recommended they look at NTI for all their insurance needs. 

“We first joined NTI some 16 years ago and today a total of 108 items within our fleet are insured with NTI, with the majority being prime movers.”

“We simply couldn’t ask for a better insurer. The people at NTI have been very good to us and our business over the years, encouraging our initiatives to introduce the next generation of drivers to the industry and as an invaluable support during some very trying times.”

Recognising their employees as their greatest assets, Tracie has been instrumental in the ongoing training of staff, managing the schedules of their workers to fit around family and also introducing younger drivers to a “life on the road.”

“At Daryl Dickenson Transport we have set up a pathway within the company that enables younger drivers to enter into the industry at a pace that allows them to realise what life as a Truck Driver is all about, almost like an apprenticeship program if you will, where they can begin their career in the warehouse, moving their way up to various sized trucks and slowly increasing the distances travelled and time away from home.” 

“Without a doubt, this would not be possible without the support of NTI, their support of this program is proof they are committed to the future of this industry and realise the importance of this profession in Australia.” 

Tracie and in particular Daryl came to rely heavily on NTI when tragedy hit the company several years back.

A member of the team suffered a fatal accident, severely impacting and affecting the whole team.
“It was a terribly hard time for everyone, we were all just devastated but to the credit of NTI, they really took over and together with their agencies handled everything.”

“We were very lucky to have the team at NTI to guide us and provide us with the necessary support services to get us all through a very difficult period.”

“Insurance is only as good as your first claim, and the compassion and kindness given to us by NTI during that time, will never be forgotten.”   

'I simply can’t recommend them enough, they have been an amazing partner to our business for over 15 years ago and we look forward to continuing the venture well into the future.”


Daryl & Tracie Dickenson