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Faces of Transport with Georgia Easton

Variety is the spice of life for Georgia Easton, whose efforts saw her recognised as the Best Industry Representative in the 2019 National Transport Insurance Faces of Transport competition – all at the tender age of 22.

At Simmons Logistics based on the northside of Brisbane, Georgia has quickly become a jack of all trades in her role within Operations Support, all while advocating for the industry to open its doors to the next generation of young employees.

For Georgia, simply being one of over 2,000 nominees in the Faces of Transport competition was a shock within itself.

“I didn’t know about it, actually one of the guys nominated me in the office, and he kind of kept it a surprise until I got through to the second round, and they were all with me when I found out about the award as well,” said Georgia.

“I was super excited, honestly, it was really special to me, especially for all of the people that I work with, who put in a lot of effort, and I’m very appreciative that they thought that I would be deserving of the award.”

Simmons Logistics feature a wide-ranging fleet, covering everything from local deliveries to B-double and road train configurations running line haul.

“We have quite a few divisions, we mainly work with transporting poly pipe, it’s our main area that our line-haul fleet and what our metro side are geared up for, but we also do mesh, and other specialty transport for building sites,” explained Georgia.

“My day contains a little bit of everything, especially at the moment when it’s busy!” said Georgia.

“I work with our Operations Manager to help with all of the allocation of trucks, I also help one of the guys in the office with his health and safety stuff, on a normal basis I’m usually running the maintenance side of the company as well, and I do a little bit of invoicing on the days where it’s needed.”

As for a highlight, it’s hard for Georgia to pick one.

“It’s probably the safety side of things, I find that really enjoyable, and helping the guys out in the workshop with maintenance are probably my favourite areas, but it’s really good that I get to change every so often, and I’m not doing the same thing every day.”

While Georgia has grown into the various roles with ease, she never had a grand plan to work in the transport arena, a chance invitation led to her career calling.

“I actually had no idea what I wanted to be doing, and then the opportunity to work at Simmons came up through a family friend, they needed some help with their admin work, and from there I kind of just grew. With the help of everyone here I just slotted myself into the different areas of the business.

“The transport industry is fantastic, but I doubt many people think of it as a career option.

“I think for a lot of young people, not just women, it’s a great area to go into, there’s so many things that you can do in transport that a lot of people aren’t aware of.

“There’s not just being a truck driver, there’s behind the scenes, the admin work, the safety work, the operations work, the mechanical side of things, pretty much everything keeping the business running, which I don’t think a lot of people consider.

“I think there are so many opportunities, but there needs to be more done in schools to encourage people to get involved in the industry.”

“With all of the technology that’s coming out now, it’s always evolving and changing, there’s always something new to learn, a new program to look at and see if it can make an improvements to the ways that we are already running things,” said Georgia.

“So, it’s a really exciting time to be a part of the industry.”