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National Transport Insurance reminds drivers to take extra care this Easter in light of recent road changes

With Easter and the school holidays fast approaching, National Transport Insurance - Australia’s number one truck insurer, is reminding drivers to exercise caution as road use increases over the coming weeks.

With a number of changes to road restrictions across Australia, it’s a great opportunity for professional drivers to lead by example, said NTI's Chief Executive Officer, Tony Clark.

“The 2018 Easter break will present a unique environment for road users. There’s various factors coming into play, outside of it just being school holidays.”

“We’ve seen the recent introduction of enforceable revised speed limits and lane restrictions across numerous main highways, designed for traffic management and increased safety,” says Mr Clark.

 “Around Easter we typically see an increase in road users who aren’t familiar with these roads or the changes for that matter, so it’s important for experienced drivers to exercise patience and remember they’re on display”.

National Transport Insurance encourages drivers and dispatchers alike to consider the potential impact of holidays road conditions.

“Everyone in the supply chain needs to be mindful of the potential delays over the holidays – responsibility does not reside solely with the driver,” says Mr Clark.

National Transport Insurance recommends considering the below measures to help keep safety top of mind this Easter:

Stay up to date: there are currently multiple speed and lane restrictions taking place on main highways.  Visit your state’s Department of Main Roads website to stay on top of these changes, as fines do apply.

Reconsider journey plans: take account reduced speed areas, increase in traffic, varied traffic conditions. Consider alternative routes and revise expectations during the period.

Take time to communicate: circulate these updates amongst your team, work mates and industry colleagues. Try reiterating the holiday safety message as part of your workplace Toolbox discussion.

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