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National Transport Insurance's incident data indicates perfect timing for Load Restraint Guide

Following a recent spike in damages caused from inappropriate load restraint, National Transport Insurance – Australia’s number one truck insurer is reminding carriers to be vigilant with it comes to securing freight irrespective of the size or value of goods on board.

With safety at the forefront, NTI's CEO Mr. Tony Clark says accidents or damage caused by poor load restraint are largely preventable, and that’s what makes the costly outcomes so frustrating for operators.

“The increase we saw over the last quarter has been out of the ordinary,” he said.

“We need to look at why. The National Transport Commission’s recent review and publication of the Load Restraint Guide couldn’t have come at a better time.”

“It will provide us with a measure for reviewing claims data, moving forward. Here’s hoping we see an improvement across the industry. It’s a genuine safety concern. Poorly restrained loads become dangerous projectiles.”

The guide houses information for transport drivers, operators and others throughout the supplychain, and offers vital insight for preventing injury, damage and loss of goods.

A digital copy of The Load Restraint Guide 2018 is available here, free of charge, by the National Transport Commission.

A copy of the Load Restraint Guide 2018 for Light Vehicles is also available here with printed, convenient glovebox-sized copies also available for purchase via NTC.

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