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NTI encourages preparations for severe weather

While much of Australia is experiencing enduring sweltering heat and severe weather warnings, NTI is urging transport and logistics owners and operators to be proactive during this period by revisiting emergency plans.

NTI Chief Executive Officer Tony Clark says extreme weather can escalate quickly, so it’s imperative to have an action plan and to be familiar with it.

 “Have a plan and make sure it’s communicated well across your people, so that when it comes time for action, it can be implemented without hesitation,” said Mr Clark.

 “We see severe weather interrupt business productivity through destruction of transport infrastructure, vehicles, loss of freight and vehicles or whole businesses flooded.”

“Staying abreast of severe weather warnings like storm conditions and fire hazards, across areas of operation, can make all the difference,” he said.

“There are some great online tools and resources for keeping informed during weather events.”

For those on the road or in transit, NTI suggest keeping your radio on for the latest warnings and ensuring you have a safe action plan if driving or working in high risk areas. This may include, but not be limited to: broken-up roads, bushfires, sever rain and flooding.

In the event of continuing to operate in uncertain weather conditions, NTI recommends:

  • Arranging for regular, up to date emergency reports from a reliable source.
  • Making an alternative drive/travel plan which includes at least one detour to your destination.
  • Accounting for additional travel time if transporting time sensitive goods.
  • Devising an evacuation strategy for your people, equipment and stock.

NTI encourage talking to your broker regularly to ensure you have adequate cover.

From all at NTI, get home safe.

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Customers or intermediaries needing to make a claim due to a weather event should contact NTI via the NTI Accident Assist (1800 NTI NOW) service.  This will allow the claim to be actioned as quickly as possible, without the need for paperwork. Trauma counselling will also be available.