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NTI welcomes regional Premium Repairer

NTI’s is excited to welcome Truck Art truck repairs, Wagga Wagga, NSW, to its national Premium Repairer Network.

NTI’s longstanding relationship with Truck Art has seen the company achieve Premium Repairer status by working with NTI’s Repair Managers across a two year period.

Janelle Greene, NTI’s General Manager – Strategic Delivery and Operations,said it’s a rigorous process to reach the company’s industry-leading benchmark for Australian truck repairers.

“Achieving NTI’s Premium Repairer accreditation isn’t just about the exemplary quality of repair work. Service providers are required to invest in  their facilities, adhere to a strict code of ethics, meet professional standards, and maintain outstanding customer service levels,” said Ms. Greene.

“When our insured customers elect to use an NTI’s Premium Repairer, they can expect to have work completed, on average, seven days faster than our competitors.”

 “The turn-around is even more impressive in regional areas like Wagga, where it’s estimated at around 10-14 days faster,” said Ms. Greene.

“We’re excited to welcome Truck Art to the Premium Repairer family and look forward to partnering with them to deliver outstanding repairs and service to customers in the Wagga region.”

As Australia’s number 1 truck insurer, NTI’s authorises repairs at over 600 repairers across Australia, with a pool of 19 Premium Repairers throughout Queensland (4), New South Wales (8), Victoria (3), South Australia (2), and Western Australia (2).

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