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At NTI, we're committed to creating safer roads - not only for transport operators but for all road users. That's why we established the National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC).

The National Truck Accident Research Centre is an independent research facility wholly funded by National Transport Insurance.  It's our belief that effective research is crucial for gaining greater insights into serious heavy vehicle crashes.  This will allow us to help make sustainable improvements to road safety in Australia - not just for transport operators but for all road users.

The NTARC has seen NTI publish several bi-annual accident research papers and forge relationships with various transport industry bodies to improve road safety.  In fact, some of our staff have even been involved in establishing new associations and programs to improve safety!

NTARC Mission:

To improve the safety performance of the trucking industry in Australia.

NTARC Objectives:

  • To identify areas and instigate actions that will reduce fatalities in the trucking industry
  • To Identify areas and instigate actions to improve the overall risk of the truck industry as measured by the overall cost of claims
  • To influence governments, regulators, the trucking industry, safety bodies and suppliers to play an active role in the improvement of the trucking industry
  • To communicate to the industry, the general public and other road users on the performance of the trucking industry.