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NTI/Seeing Machines Partnership

National transport safety and sustainability leader.

World leading driver monitoring technology for safer roads.

NTI’s latest NTARC Major Accident Investigation Report has shown that, whilst improving, driver fatigue and distraction remain key contributors to incidents involving heavy vehicles (driver fatigue could be attributed to 14.8% of all losses over $50,000).

Two market leaders formed exclusive partnership to ensure that the industry continues to move towards a safer and more sustainable future by encouraging operators to invest in technology which can make a difference.

This partnership recognises the investment customers have made to reduce risk in their business and work with them to maximise their return on this investment.

What does this mean for customers?

Who are Seeing Machines?

Seeing Machines is a leading provider of driver monitoring systems backed by proprietary AI and computer vision technology to a range of transport sectors which enhances truck safety and save lives. These include commercial transport and logistics, automotive, off-road and aviation.

Seeing Machines works with commercial fleets around the world to keep their drivers safer using Guardian. This technology – an intelligent, unobtrusive driver safety system – is available to clients under the NTI/Seeing Machines partnership.

Guardian is used by leading transport and logistics companies worldwide and is proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%.

Benefits of Guardian include:

  • Real time driver detection of fatigue and distraction related driver events;
  • Real time alerts to mitigate risk of driver fatigue and distraction (audible and haptic)
  • Added safety through 24/7 monitoring service to allow implementation of fatigue implementation plans and driver coaching (managed by the fleet operator)
  • Fleet manager visibility of driver behavior and efficiency through easy to use self-service portal – “Guardian Live”;
    - Integration into existing telematics portal available;
    - For more information, visit

Exclusive benefits delivered to mutual NTI / Seeing Machines customers through this partnership include:

  • No driver experience restrictions

    All driver experience requirements are removed for vehicles with Seeing Machines installed (applies to NTI Fleet policy holders only)

  • Excess reduction

    We will reduce the excess for any accidents on the vehicle if fitted with Seeing Machines by $2,500 (some exceptions apply)

  • Market value plus

    In the event of a total loss of a unit installed with Seeing Machines, settlement can be Market Value plus 20% (to a maximum of the sum insured)

  • Reinstatement of the Seeing Machines hardware

    caused by damage in the event of a loss

  • Premium adjustment

    Premium adjustments to proactively reflect potential reductions in fatigue claims via investment in this leading technology

  • Service fee waived

    Guardian 24/7 service fee waived for the first month for every vehicle installed in the future

  • Data feed fee waive

    Fee waived for individual data feed from Seeing Machines to NTI

  • Unique data insights

    Unique data driven insights using Guardian and NTARC data to identify and address potential safety risks.

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